Information for cooperating partners concerning coronavirus procedures


Dear Sir or Madam

THE MANAGEMENT BOARD OF TESKO STEEL SP. Z O.O.  fulfilling the statutory obligation to protect the health and life of employees, as well as keeping in mind the wellbeing of business partners, informs that due to the very high risk of coronavirus infection, a number of direct and indirect preventive measures have been implemented in the company.

Within issued decrees until further notice:

  • business travels  are prohibited, including employee migration between individual branches of Tesko Steel Sp. z o.o.
  • external  visits were suspended
  • "A temporary procedure to prevent the spread of coronavirus" - was introduced.
  • special movement zones for working groups were determined in order to limit unnecessary contact between employees.
  • a special procedure has been introduced for transport companies defining the dress code and behavior during loading and unloading of materials (check the temporary procedure to prevent the spread of coronavirus ).
  • Home Office was introduced wherever it was possible

As part of direct prevention:

  • depending on the nature of work performed, employees were provided with:
  • disinfectants including sanitizing liquids
  • protective clothing such as : gloves, glasses, protective masks FFP2

All actions taken are aimed to prevent any people from being infected with coronavirus and maintaining continuity of production and sales in Tesko Steel. Sp. z o.o.




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